cosplay contest
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Depending on experience and overall skill level of entries, contestants can request to be placed into separate divisions (Novice, Journeyman, or Masters). Entries will be asked during submission to choose the division they feel they are most suited for and eligible to compete for the prize at that division.

  • Novice – new cosplayers and those who have not received a cosplay contest award.

  • Journeyman – cosplayers who have some experience and may have won previous awards.

  • Masters – Experienced cosplayers who have confidence to participate against the best of the best

Costumes will be judged by a select group of professional cosplayers and points will be assigned based on:

  1. Accuracy: Did the contestant match character(s)’s garments/props/style well? What changes did they make to personalize it and was it done effectively?

  2. Polish: Is the construction clean, well-fitted and with good proportions? Do the sewn garments have finished seams? Are connections for armor hidden well? Are foam seams smooth and well-finished?

  3. Difficulty: What level were the techniques used and were they executed well?

  4. Build percentage: How much of the full costume was made by the contestant? How much was modified? How much was purchased?

  5. Impact: This is the “wow” factor of the cosplay. How does it look overall as a complete package? Is it cohesive or disjointed? In what ways did the contestant go above and beyond?

AS OF JULY 7TH, 2022
We look forward to hosting over 40 participants for this event. Stay tuned for photos of this event.