Other fun

Tattoo Alley

Make your GrandeCon experience even more memorable with some sweet, permanent ink!

We're excited to host Tattoo Alley as part of our 3-day pop-culture extravaganza!

We are excited to have Obsidian Arts Tattoo, Electric Arts Tattoo Studio, Sterling Skull Studio and Ink Spot Tattoo & Laser - pre-book your spot with your favourite artist today! Contact the Studio directly or walk ins are welcome for some of the artists, click HERE to find out more. 


Face Painting


Thanks to our friends at Dobko & Wheaton, GrandeCon will have FREE kid's face painting all weekend long! Help us give a big thank you to these fantastic community supporters!


The Cantina

It wouldn't be a fan-filled party without some costumed fun at THE CANTINA, our designated 97.7 ROCK ZONE! Boasting a seated area section to imbibe cosmic brews, cocktails, and inspired beverages, this new, dedicated space, is set to be an intergalactic hit with attendees looking to sate their thirst. Situated on the gated exterior patio of the Bonnetts Energy Centre, THE CANTINA sits in a public and attendee-access, fully licensed area!

Breweries, distilleries, wineries, this is your chance to connect with customers from all over the cosmos! If you are a liquor-related business interested in being one of the vendors in the service area at THE CANTINA, drop us an email to grandecongp@gmail.com for more info or to reserve your spot.

Back to the Future.jpg

Replica "Back To The Future" Display

Great Scott! Are our eyes deceiving us, or is that a Delorean?

GrandeCon is excited to announce that we will have some ah-mazing Back to the Future replica vehicles on hand all weekend long!

Not only will we have the famous time-travelling car but also the only custom-built Doc Brown van in Canada! It's tricked right out and includes some prop cables that only the absolute die-hard fans will notice.

"The way I see it, if you're going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?" - Dr. Emmett Brown


Live "Building Block" Display

Are you an expert "Building Block" builder?


If so, GrandeCon would love to utilize your skills to help us build a MASSIVE display throughout our event!

If you eat, sleep and breathe "Building Blocks" and can volunteer your time between July 15 and 17 to create something Grande Prairie has never experienced before, drop us an email at grandecongp@gmail.com or fill out our Volunteer Application and specify your interest in the "Building Block" exhibit. 

Volunteer Application