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Obsidian Arts Tattoo

Shop history
Obsidian Arts Tattoo was founded in July 2020 by shop owner and artist Celeste Walsh.

Celeste wished to create a shop that focused on artists and their individuality while giving back to the community. The shop is passionate about artists, young and old and focuses on offering or contributing to the wonderful artistic community in Grande Prairie that gave Celeste her beginning.


Featured Artists 

Celeste is passionate about abstract color tattoos but her first and always love is black and grey realism. However, variety is the spice of life and enjoys a little challenge!

Instagram - @Ink.r.bell


Jenn is quite passionate about anime style tattoos and (Neo) Traditional! Jenn has the most beautiful line work the industry has to offer if what you are looking for is fine line as well. She is fantastic at bold and beautiful to small and delicate and everything in between

Instagram - @courting_chaos

Availability & Hours

Friday, July 15th - Noon til 8pm
Saturday, July 16th - 11am til 7pm
Sunday, July 17th - 11 am til 5pm

Accepting walk ups and pre-bookings

Custom artwork available as well as portfolios and flash pieces

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Electric Arts Tattoo Studio

Shop history

Opened in 2013, Electric Arts is home to 4 artists, as well as a
piercer. We are a detail oriented shop with a passion for art. All of our artists have their own area of specialty and a drive for our craft.


Featured Artists 

Darrel Smith

Darrel Smith has been tattooing for 10 years. He is a Grande Prairie original, born and raised here in GP. He specializes in photo realism; the way to his heart is anything Star Wars or anime, but loves to do anything pop culture.

Instagram - @darrelsmithtattoos

Availability & Hours For Darrel

Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 17th

Darrell is fully booked for the weekend


Sam Keller

Sam has been tattooing for 5 years, she loves cats, and anything dark and spooky. Sam specializes in Neotraditional, and loves both color and black and grey

Instagram - @asammiethesinner

Facebook -

Availability & Hours For Sam

Friday, July 15th to Sunday, July 17th

Sam will be taking walk ups and has lots of pre-drawn designs up for grabs

Skye Rayne

Skye has been tattooing for 1 year, she lives for glitter and cuteness. Skye prefers color, bubblegum traditional, sparkly stuff!

Instagram - @glitterthrilltattoo

Availability & Hours For Skye

Available Friday, July 15th until 3pm and all day Sunday, July 17th!

Skye will be taking walk ins on Friday morning and Sunday


Tyler has been tattooing for 8 months, anything traditional or darkwill make him happy. Tyler specializes in traditional and black and grey

Instagram - @tattoo_.tyler

Availability & Hours For Tyler

Available Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th!

Tyler will be taking pre-bookings and walk ins on Friday and Saturday


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Sterling Skull Studio

Shop history

The SSS was established in January 2013, providing diversity of tattoo aesthetic in a comfortable and sterile environment. Internationally recognized for illustrative artisan quality and traditional values.


Featured Artists 

Chris Rhyason

With 2 decades producing quality professional tattooing, Chris Ryhason
provides custom art in a variety of styles. Chris has received multiple awards in tattooing and other creative disciplines; he has written for CBC and provided artwork for books, publications, and public figures. Chris can work in any style but particularly enjoys illustrative and traditional

Instagram - @damncoyotechris

Availability & Hours For Chris

TBA - Saturday July 16 confirmed

Chris is fully booked


Roxie Gordey

My development finally took a structured turn when my apprenticeship
began with Chris Rhyason in 2013. Expanding upon my fundamentals and
learning the tattoo arts, my vision honed into the space-oriented expression that it has become today. I think what sets me apart as an artist is that I am less inspired to express my vision than I am motivated to create works that inspire and motivate others. My greatest achievements are those with the greatest impact in my community and among those close to me. Roxie's style is blackwork and colour realism

Instagram - @roxieart

Availability & Hours For Roxie

Availability TBA

Roxie is fully booked

Bryan Luesink

An avid illustrator since his youth, Bryan grew up on a healthy diet of cartoons and comics. Bryan has been working at the Sterling Skull Studio since 2015. Drawing inspiration from French, Belgian, early Japanese, and silver age books Bryan loves to recreate pop culture characters. If you want a character tattooed or an original cartoon from your imagination talk to Bryan. Bryan does a variety of styles but loves to do traditional and cartoon

Instagram -

Availability & Hours For Bryan

Availability TBA

Bryan is fully booked

Loren Andreychuk

Loren is a multimedia artist, working as a junior tattoo artist at the Sterling Skull in Grande Prairie. She has been tattooing under the tutelage of Chris Rhyason, owner of the Sterling Skull, for 2.5 years. She works in a variety of styles, Loren particularly enjoys fineline and fantasy based art. She has a passion for pop-culture, especially anime. Loren loves to do all styles. 

Instagram - @tatpandaink

Availability & Hours For Loren

Friday July 15

Loren is fully booked

Artwork will be available for sale throughout the weekend.

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Shop history

Grande Prairie's premier tattoo studio. Ink Spot Tattoo was started by James Denny in 2006. We have worked hard over the years to cultivate a
strong team of versatile artists that will work to produce the best product possible for you. We often have guest artists in to provide a greater variety of styles and specialties.


Featured Artists 

James Denny

James Denny is the owner and operator of Ink Spot Tattoo. He has been tattooing since 2005. He is a well rounded artist that is comfortable in any style. He is most well known for his realism in both
black & grey and colour.

Instagram - @inkspottattoogp

Availability & Hours For James

TBA - Saturday July 16 confirmed

James is fully booked

Myke Rose

Myke has been tattooing for 3 years. Myke loves to work closely with clients to bring their concept to life while providing artistic influence. Myke specializes in illustrative black and grey tattoos.

Instagram -

Availability & Hours For Myke

Myke is fully booked